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Jamali Agricultural Tools Production Company started its activity in 1332 in the field of agricultural, livestock and horticultural production. In recent years, this collection has succeeded in producing agricultural tools, farming and gardening with national standard quality in circulation by launching and mechanizing tools and machines, training personnel with modern sciences and technologies, consulting and cooperating with high-level design engineers. And has increased volume. The use of first-class raw materials has caused the company’s products not to break and wear out over time. The company’s products are well-known in our beloved country and are a serious competitor for foreign companies in neighboring countries such as Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. In recent years, with the increase in labor and technical and design specialists, production machinery, improvement of distribution and distribution network, this collection has a special look at the extensive export of its products. The company’s products are marketed under the brands of Jamali, Tizanshan and Gandum Neshan. Of course, many companies market their products in their own brands and packages.